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Good news for multi-car owners in Taichung. Your vehicle license tax can be printed on the same tax bill.

(Taichung News) Attention, multi-car owners. Starting July 1st of this year, you can attribute the vehicle license tax for the same county and city to the same tax bill (or designated account transfer payment notice), with a maximum of five vehicles per tax bill. The Local Tax Bureau of the Taichung City Government has sent an application form for the next period of business vehicles to pay in October for the convenience of the public. Owners who have received these forms should apply as soon as possible.

According to the Director of the Local Tax Bureau, Zheng-An Shen, Taichung City has 1.12 million cars, ranking first in the country, and the number of people who own more than two cars is as high as 20.3%. The current vehicle license tax system uses one tax bill per vehicle, so if people have multiple cars, they will receive numerous tax bills, which is inconvenient and easy to miss. From July 1st, citizens can apply to put all the vehicles in the city into the same tax bill. Each tax bill can be up to five vehicles, and the bureau will divide the excess into two. For example, if someone has eight cars and should receive eight vehicle license tax bills, they will only receive two bills following the household registration process.
Director Shen mentioned that the bureau has proactively sent out comprehensive application forms for the upcoming business vehicle tax period. Car owners can apply online or in writing. Director Shen specifically reminded car owners to apply before July 31 to be applicable to the next vehicle license tax. You can submit the other vehicles before January 31 next year. And one application can be applicable permanently. The Local Tax Bureau added that if you transfer the car to another county or city, you must re-apply to the tax collection authority where the transferred vehicle is registered to be registered. People who apply for household registration can use the "local tax network to declare homework" (https://net.tax.nat.gov.tw) to apply online or fill out an application form and apply to the local tax collection authority where the vehicle registration located and can choose to have your combing information sent via hard copy or email. To promote energy conservation and carbon reduction, the bureau encourages online applications and the receipt of payment notices via email to ensure that you never miss a tax bill, making the payment process more convenient.
If you have any questions about the vehicle license tax use, please call the bureau’s toll-free service hotline at 0800-000321 or 04-22585000 and press 1 to transfer to the intelligent customer service center. A dedicated person will explain it to you in detail.
  • Data update: 2023-09-19
  • Publish Date: 2023-09-11
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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