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The Local Tax Bureau of Taichung City Government introduced AI services, making people easier to find information on the official website.

(Taichung News) Finding tax information is now more convenient for the public! The Local Tax Bureau of Taichung City Government uses the current artificial intelligence technology to introduce an "AI Prompt" on the official website. People only need to click "Kebi Helps You Find Services" in the upper right corner of the homepage and enter simple keywords for the service or information they want to find. And the robot will immediately provide accurate information or directly guide them to the relevant pages, effectively saving time for people to search for information.
Zheng-An Shen, Director of the Local Tax Bureau, stated that one of the most troublesome problems for the public when accessing the agency's website is that they need the bureau's services but do not know how to search. The Local Tax Bureau innovatively built the official website "Kebi Helps You Find Services" to solve such problems. By introducing the "AI Prompt" service, the website can automatically identify typos and further analyze the semantics through the automatic deployment of AI and precise corpus construction. This enhancement significantly improves the search for information and increases the accuracy of service-related keywords.
Director Shen further explained that the tax information provided through "Kebi Helps You Find Services" is more accurate than the Google search engine used in the past, and there will be no advertisements or irrelevant pages. Additionally, the keyword search on the "website" is more with users' needs to enter the official website. Welcome the public to use it more to experience more convenient services. The Local Tax Bureau added that if you have any questions, you can call the free service number 0800-000321 or press 1 at 04-22585000 to contact the All-Intelligent Customer Service Center, and a dedicated person will serve you.
  • Data update: 2023-08-07
  • Publish Date: 2023-08-01
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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