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Pay for overdue tax notices from the Enforcement Branch for a balance under NTD 30,000 at any of the four major convenience stores, which is convenient and time-saving

The Local Tax Bureau of Taichung City Government says that after the tax collection authority moves any outstanding taxes to the Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice for enforcement, the taxpayer will receive a transfer of overdue taxes notice from the Enforcement Branch. If the amount is less than NTD 30,000, a barcode can be found on the transfer of overdue tax notice, and the public can pay it at any of the four convenience stores nationwide, including 7-Eleven, FamilyMart, OKmart, and Hi-Life. It is free of handling charges, which is convenient and time-saving for the public.
The bureau further states that if the payment deadline for the transfer of overdue tax notice has expired or the amount of tax owed exceeds NTD 30,000, the public may go to the Enforcement Branch or tax collection agency to obtain payment letters with their identity documents and pay at financial institutions; or they may send a postal money order with the name of the tax collection agency on the transfer notice as the payee, and send it together with the transfer of overdue tax notice to the transfer agency by registered mail.
Besides, the Bureau particularly reminds all of you that when receiving the transfer of overdue tax notice, please check with the Enforcement Branch or the tax collection agency as soon as possible if you have any doubts. If the notice is correct that you have not paid the tax, you should use the above methods to settle the balance in order to avoid any unnecessary disturbance in the future, such as deductions from wages and deposits, or seizure of properties.
If you want to know more about the relevant tax regulations or have any questions, please call the Bureau's toll-free number 0800-000321, or call 04-22585000 and press 1 for the Smart Customer Services Center, and our dedicated staff will be able to help you.

  • Data update: 2023-07-04
  • Publish Date: 2022-09-02
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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