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Tax Payment Record Search Services Available on the Local Tax Bureau Website of the Taichung City Government

According to the Local Tax Bureau of the Taichung City Government, for the convenience of the public when checking on whether or not payments made with credit cards are successful, the Bureau especially provides services of "tax payment record searches" for tracing tax payment statuses.
The Bureau further explained that when tax payers log onto its website by selecting "Guided Browsing/General Public/Tax Payment Method and Record," they can immediately use three search methods to trace their payment records: 1. Go to "Online Tax Payment Service Web" to check historical data of tax payment within three months(https://paytax.nat.gov.tw); 2. Check tax payment records within the recent five years on Tax Portal Site of the Ministry of Finance /Online Inquiry /Personal Cloud Tax Account (https://www.etax.nat.gov.tw); or 3. Apply a Certificate of No Overdue Taxes and Fines via E-tax Affairs Document of the Ministry of Finance (https://etd.etax.nat.gov.tw) to get to know personal tax status and use the information as tax payment records.
The Bureau additionally said that when using "credit cards" to make tax payment online, tax payers can immediately log onto "the Online Tax Payment Services Web" to check their payment status. For tax payers who choose different payment methods, they can check their payment status on the "Personal Cloud Tax Account" within 3 to 6 days after the day when the payments are made or apply for a Certificate of No Overdue Taxes and Fines to check whether their tax payments are made successfully. For any questions, please call the toll free telephone number at 0800-000321 or 04-22585000 and press 1 for customer services. Callers will be then served by the designated personnel.
  • Data update: 2020-08-24
  • Publish Date: 2020-08-17
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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