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Tax Arrears Of NT$20,000 Or Less Can Be Paid At Convenience Store By Presenting Payment Notice From The Administrative Enforcement Branch Agency Of The Ministry Of Justice (AEA)

(Taichung News) According to the Local Tax Bureau, Taichung City Government, taxpayers with tax arrears will be liable for a delinquency charge in an amount equal to 1% of the amount of said tax shall be charged for every 2 days of delay according to Article 20 of the Tax Collection Act. Where the period of delay exceeds 30 days, the case shall be referred for compulsory execution.
The Local Tax Bureau explained that citizens who have been referred for compulsory execution due to tax arrears may, upon receiving AEA's payment notice, make payment at 4 convenience store chains nationwide (7-Eleven, FamilyMart, Hi-Life, or OK Mart) quickly and conveniently without surcharge before the deadline stipulated in the payment notice, provided that the amount due is less than NT$20,000. For tax arrears over NT$20,000, taxpayers may approach the bureau or AEA to issue a tax bill. Alternatively, payments can be made at financial institutions, the bureau's Wenxin Branch, and the treasury of AEA Taichung Branch. Furthermore, they may also purchase postal money orders at the post office, make sure to fill in the referring authority stated on the payment notice as the payee, and mail the postal order to the referring authority via registered mail in order to pay the taxes.
The bureau reminds the taxpayers that upon receiving the payment notice from the AEA, please do not simply ignore the notice and make use of the abovementioned methods to pay your taxes to prevent unnecessary hassles such as salary deduction, deduction from your bank account, or foreclosure of properties. If you still have questions about the payment notice, please contact the AEA, the Local Tax Bureau's toll-free number 0800-000321 or 22585000#1 for the telephone customer service center, and our staff will be glad to assist you.
  • Data update: 2019-12-05
  • Publish Date: 2019-11-28
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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