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Execution Fee Incurred by Enforcement of Tax Arrears is to be Paid by Taxpayer

(Taichung) Taxpayer should, upon receiving tax payment notice, make the payment within deadline. For delay 30 days after deadline, reinforcement will be carried out by local branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice, apart from belated payment, says TCLTB.

Prior to execution, payment notice will be issued to restrict payment to be made within certain period of time. Fail to comply will result in the seizure of salary or the financial account savings, or further against fixed property and other execution. Incurred expense during the execution, including notice delivery fee, document delivery post, handling fee from financial account savings seizure, property boundary, measurement made by land office, appraiser fee, auction declaration fee, and all other incurred administrative cost from the procedure are to be made by taxpayer and reimbursed upon tax collection, regardless of the tax being paid during the execution.

Payable tax should be made in time before enforcement, says TCLTB. In the case of receiving payment notice from Administrative Enforcement Agency, the payment can be made at 7-11, OK, Family Mart, or Hi-Life, the 4 major convenience stores (maximum 19,999 NTD) or at local branch of the Agency, so as to prevent advance payment.

For inquiry, contact TCLTB at toll free 0800-086969 for service.

Local Tax Bureau, Taichung City Government
  • Data update: 2018-11-19
  • Publish Date: 2018-07-23
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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