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TCLTB – Doorstep Tax Service Efficiency Level Up

(Taichung) Local Tax Bureau is to help you save on tax within steps. Another accessible taxation service, in addition to All Function Counter, Online Counter and “中稅e把照” APP, is now “on the road”. Mobile service stations and video phone service stations are throughout the city provided with taxation function. To better accommodate the disadvantaged, designated counters and sign language service are available as well to enhance Taichung City overall taxation service.

In 2017, total 313 doorstep service, covering almost ten thousand cases including 32 thousand tax-saving notice mail sent out to those who are eligible but not yet applying for tax discount powered by big data location service, have saved more than NTD$ 5.6 million tax for taxpayers under self‐use residential land tax discount and tax discount or exempt for vehicle license used exclusively by mentally or physically disabled persons, according to Tax Bureau.
In addition, indicated the Bureau that for 70 years old above citizens, limited mobility citizens holding Disability Card, or citizens unable to leave the house due to critical care required family member, the taxation service is available at home. For on-location Tax Bureau service, no waiting time for the elders, pregnant women and citizens carrying babies and toddlers upon arrival. For hearing impaired citizens, sign language service are provided by Sound Home Center through video phone to assist on the taxation procedure. Taking care of less-privileged citizens is at a more comprehensive level throughout the year.

For inquiry, call toll free number 0800-086969, or 04-22585000 press 1 for customer service.
  • Data update: 2018-11-19
  • Publish Date: 2018-02-06
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
  • Hit Count: 964