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“Joint Exhibition on the Porcelain Paintings of Tsai Hsiu-mei and Her Students” is Now Held at Wenhsin Gallery of Taichung Local Tax Bureau Building

Wenhsin Gallery, Taichung Local Tax Bureau Building (address: 7F, No.99, Sec. 2, Wenxin Rd., Xitun Dist.) is holding the “Joint Exhibition on the Porcelain Paintings of Tsai Hsiu-mei and Her Students” in December 2016. Participating painters include Huang Chun-lin, Wen Cui-ju, TsaiHe Zhong-an, Hsiao Sheng-hsien, Huang Chu-shun, Lin Chiao-min, Chang Chia-fang, Wang Chu-mei, Cheng Ming-hui, Li Yu-ying, Hsieh Fu-jen, Wang Ching-jung, Lin Shu-ying, Chiang Li-hsueh and others. The exhibition will be held from December 1st to 29th daily (except weekends and national holidays) from 8:00 to 17:00. We welcome citizens who are interested in it to pay a visit.

The bureau stated that porcelain painting is a delicate genre of decoration arts. On-glaze decoration means to use oil or water as painting medium to paint artistic and useful patterns with a paintbrush on the glaze of porcelain that has been fired with high temperature. Given that it takes different temperature to put on different paints, a multi-layer-colored artwork takes several times of low-temperature kilning before its completion. Each hand-painted work requires the concentrated devotion and continuous experience accumulation of the creators to transform these originally pure white porcelains to ones with simple hand-painted outlines and colors, and finally to those with complicated decorations and patterns. This process provides viewers with a brand new visual perception.

Porcelain paintings are applicable on all sorts of household utensils. From the cups and plates of an afternoon tea to the hanging plates and clocks that decorate one’s house, they can all present us with a sense of arts. We sincerely welcome citizens to visit this exhibition at Wenhsin Gallery when you come for business or during your leisure time and provide the exhibitors with supports and encouragements. If you have further questions, please call the free hotline at 0800-086969 or 04-22585000 EXT 1 for the customer service center. We are pleased to provide all sorts of services for you.
  • Data update: 2018-11-19
  • Publish Date: 2016-12-15
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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