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Hurry! This Month is Your Last Chance to Visit the Local Tax Bureau’s Cultural Minds Art Gallery!

The Taichung City Government is holding its Cultural Minds Art Gallery event, which offers prizes worth a total of 45,000 TWD. Hurry up and get down to the Cultural Minds Art Gallery to take part in this artistic feast - with the added chance to win great prizes!

The Tax Bureau would like to remind the public that this month is their last opportunity to visit the Cultural Minds Gallery and pick up a visitor’s card. After enjoying the exhibition, visitors can stamp the card with that month’s art seal, and once they have collected five different seals they should submit it to the ‘lucky box’ for the prize draw before the 30th November (only 1 entry per person). Out of the visitor’s cards that qualify, 5 Classical Prize winners (each winner gets coupons worth 2,000 TWD), 15 Realism Prize winners (each winner gets coupons worth 1,000 TWD) and 20 Impressionism Prize winners (each winner gets coupons worth 500 TWD) will be picked. In addition, the ‘Taichung City Easy Taxes’ Facebook fan page is holding a prize draw for people who leave a message or upload photos. Those who write ‘Cultural Minds Art Gallery’ on its wall or upload a picture of the gallery before the 31st of July will have the chance to take part in the prize draw. Up for grabs are 5 Arts Prizes (each winner gets coupons worth 1,000 TWD) and 10 Abstract Prizes (each winner gets coupons worth 5000 TWD).

For more information about these events please go to http://www.tax.taichung.gov.tw. If you have any questions, you can call toll-free on 0800-086969 or dial 04-22585000 and press 1 to speak to a dedicated advisor at our Customer Service Center.
  • Data update: 2018-11-19
  • Publish Date: 2013-07-17
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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