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History of the Bureau

Before Taichung City and County merged into Taichung Municipal City, the city and county operated their own local tax bureaus, both established in 1947 to handle all the revenue tax matters from the central as well as the local governments. On June 4th, 1986, different departments were set up within the tax bureaus national wide in Taiwan to tackle various types of taxes. On September 1, 1992, national tax bureaus took over the national tax matters while revenue offices take charge of the local taxes. On December 21, 1998, the regulations based on the individual service and the new structure of the whole tax administration was put into practice as a trial. On January 25, 1999, revenue collecting and spending laws were amended into separate departments; business tax was then classified as national tax and levied by individual revenue office in each city and county. Also, each city and county revenue tax office was responsible for levying stamp and license taxes in its jurisdiction. On January 1, 2003, national tax administration took over business tax while the services of the revenue tax offices are restricted to local tax levying matters. On January 29 and May 22, 2008, Taichung County and City Revenue Tax Offices were renamed to Taichung County and City Local Tax Bureau according to the amendment of the organization. On December 25, 2010, Taichung County and City merged into Taichung Municipal City. Based on the laws and Taichung City government’s regulations, the bureau goes under Taichung Municipal City government’s supervision and thus renamed as “ Local

Tax Bureau of Taichung City Government ”. Consisting of Auditing Section, Property Tax Section, Legal Affairs Section, Construction Planning and Services Section, Enforcement and Refund Section, Consumption Tax Section, Information Management Section, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Secretariat Office and Civil Service Ethics Office. The bureau is in total charge of managing and levying local taxes. To make the service more accessible to the public, besides the existing offices in Minquan, Dongshan, Dazhi, Shalu, Datun and Dongshi, two new offices – Wenxin in Xitun/NanTun District and Fengyuan in Fengyuan District were established. A total number of 8 branches will continue to serve the citizens residing in 29 districts of Taichung with the remaining workforce. After the laws regarding the new jurisdiction of the districts are established, the offices will be then consolidated again to suit the needs. Finance is the driving force of the developments of a government. Tax revenue contributes the most to it. The bureau has mainly handled the tax levying and collecting. After December 25, 2010, when Taichung County and City merged into “Taichung Municipal City", the bureau will continue to provide great service to the larger population and steady growth of the revenue to support the developments in this region. It’s the bureau’s mission and responsibilities to continue providing our taxpayers a more efficient and convenient service.

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