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The Government Ethics Forum Jointly Organized by the Taichung City Local Tax Bureau and the Civil Service Ethics Department for the Promotion of Transparent Administration and Ethical and Friendly Governance

The Taichung City Local Tax Bureau and the Civil Service Ethic Department on October 12th this year (2021) organized the ethics forum entitled "Transparent Administration and Win-Win for the Government and Taxpayers" at the auditorium of the Local Tax Bureau, inviting well-known scholars and experts to talk on "trust and transparency for sustainable development," "innovative thinking for a win-win situation," "technology innovation and transparent taxation" and to discuss relevant issues. There were about 90 attendees including those from the government sector, the industry and academe who actively shared their perspectives.
  In the opening, the Deputy Mayor of Taichung City, Chen Zijing said "administrative transparency" is an important spirit of social participation in the United Nations Convention against Corruption and nowadays, the public sector needs to jump out of the box and to inspire innovative thinking and actions. "Administrative Transparency" is a common goal of agencies of the Taichung City Government. After her inauguration, Mayor Lu repeatedly required public servants to pursue principles of "integrity, listening to the public, governance transparency and simplification of administrative procedures." Among these principles, "governance transparency" shows the determination of Mayor Lu to promote administrative transparency.
  At the Forum, the Director of the Civil Service Ethic Department, Cheng Ming-Chien, pointed out that the Taichung City Local Tax Bureau and his office will work with businesses to promote sustainable development via interdisciplinary cooperation and the public-private partnership and chose the forum topic indicating the concerns of the Taichung City Government for governance integrity and administrative transparency. Through the Forum, tax staff are able to do their work and taxpayers are well informed. The Forum is expected to bring great benefits to develop government integrity and efficiency and build a taxpayer-friendly environment.
  The Forum was chaired by the Director General of the Local Tax Bureau, Shen Cheng-An and President of the Transparency Chinese Taipei, Hsu Ren-Hui, Director of the Taichung Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency, Hsu Wan-Hsian and Vice President of the Land Administration Agent Association, Wu Chiou-Ching were invited to share their thoughts with government representatives and agents of land administration and tax. Through speeches and discussions, participants were thinking about possible initiatives of administrative transparency, improvement of transparency of governmental agencies and creative values of integrity to build a society of trust.
  At the Forum, Director General Shen of the Local Tax Bureau said this is the first forum on policy integrity held by his Bureau and he encouraged the participants to improve administrative efficiency and promote innovation and information transparency to actively protect the rights of taxpayers. There is always room for improvement. He hoped that through this Forum, administrative transparency and a friendly environment can be built at his bureau. The Director of the Civil Service Ethics Department, Shen Chan Cheng-Tang, said that he admired the great efforts of the Local Tax Bureau to care about governance ethics and promote administrative transparency to ensure the information rights of the public. It is the responsibility of the public sector to promote administrative transparency and he expected that more thoughts from the government agencies can be shared to build governance integrity and transparency.
  • Data update: 2021-11-04
  • Publish Date: 2021-10-15
  • Source: Local Tax Bureau
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